Basketball is a winter sport and is generally runs from October – December. The Murray Rockets delegation boasts three different basketball divisions. Join us as we cheer on our basketball Blue, Green and White teams!

For basketball we have 4 teams divided according to skill level and age.


To be eligible to participate in Special Olympics an athlete must be at least 8 years old and have been to an agency or professional as having an intellectual disability, or have a cognitive delay (slower learner than their peers) which require or have required a specially-designed instruction.***

Special Olympics Basketball

This page draws together basketball-related information for all of Special Olympics. The coaching materials and other links will help you get a good sense of how this sport contributes to Special Olympics.

Contact Info for Basketball

Contact: Laura Miller


Please let your coached know asap if you need a ride to games!

  • Wear uniforms and athletic shoes to all games!
  • Wear glasses straps if you play in glasses.


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