We need a LOT of help to get our Park in shape. This field will be the site for hosted Rockets softball games for Special Olympics with a working concession stand to raise money IF we are able to build a to-code bathroom facility.

Here’s what is needed:

  • Concession Stand refurbishing (this MIGHT be covered from one of our awesome Community Partners.)
  • Rockets field sign constructed (see below for idea)
  • Tearing down of fencing, old dugouts, and play-set on right side of drive
  • Continuous maintenance of grounds
  • New floor for storage building
  • Electricity hooked up and paid for for the season.
  • Softball infield maintain refurbished and maintained
  • Softball equipment for marking the field.
  • Soccer goals constructed out of PVC (Goal size is standard 16.4 ft x 6.5 ft)
  • Soccer and flag football field refurbished, leveled and re-seeded.

Laura Miller

Local Coordinator
Murray Special Olympics
Phone: 270-293-9054