Enjoyed every year at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY


Vision (Alumni Coliseum) Hearing (Alumni coliseum) Teeth (Olympic Town Tent) Feet (Alumni Coliseum) Fun Fitness (Olympic Town Tent)


Food Door prizes Receive a family support ribbon

Additional Information & Reminders

In addition to the competition Special Olympics offers other activities and services throughout the weekend that athletes may want to take advantage of.


  • Athletes must wear the appropriate uniform
  • There are no refunds so if an athlete is unable to attend he/she is asked to reimburse the M/CC Special Olympics the registration cost
  • SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the campus of EKU. This applies to athletes, spectators, volunteers. If you have to smoke you MUST walk completely off campus. This rule will be enforced. Athletes MUST notify a chaperone if he/she needs to smoke.
  • Athletes can not wear hats, fanny packs, medals, etc when competing
  • Athletes cannot be left unsupervised in lobbies or outside
  • Please remember to adhere to the athlete, volunteer, coaches and spectator code of conduct (go to for the complete documents)
    • Dress and act at all times in a manner that is a credit to Special Olympics
    • Refrain from taunting or taking part in other forms of poor sportsmanship
    • Play by the rules
    • Treat everyone with respect and communicate in a courteous manner
    • Respect all facilities and equipment
    • Refrain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances
    • Refrain from the use of profanity or offensive language at all times
    • Athletes who do not conduct themselves according to the above responsibilities are subject to warnings, disqualification, probations, suspension or banned from SOKY events